Portfolio Spotlight: DLO Haiti

DLO Haiti, Inc. (DLO) is an innovative water purification and distribution business founded in 2013, which aims to develop a sustainable and scalable model to access clean water in Haiti.

DLO builds and operates local, community-scale water treatment centers (i.e. water kiosks) in rural and peri-urban areas throughout Haiti. These kiosks provide safe purified drinking water to low-income Haitians at a price below the lowest priced alternative for treated water. DLO’s kiosks also act as distribution points for a variety of essential consumer goods, such as soap, toilet paper, and powdered milk, which are usually unavailable to these populations. This last-mile distribution network improves the value chain for micro-businesses and consumers in underserved areas, giving hard-to-serve communities access to basic needs consumer goods.

Today, DLO distributes more than 14,000 gallons of clean drinking water per day, serving more than 35,000 daily discrete beneficiaries across eight different areas throughout Haiti. The company serves a distribution network of about 800 resellers, who in combination with DLO conduct about 80,000 transactions with consumers on a monthly basis. The vast majority of DLO’s consumers and beneficiaries earn less than $2 per day. The company has already created more than 100 stable jobs in Haiti, most of them in isolated communities where kiosks are operated. DLO also runs an additional philanthropic program — “DLO Lekol Pam” — which provides free clean water to about 150 schools serving more than 15,000 students.

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    I’m so proud of MCI and DLO.