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"Beyond Microcredit: Why Tackling Poverty Requires More Than a Loan" - Gary Carrier and Harrison Pharamond (October 2017)

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

Expanded version of "Beyond Microcredit: Why Tackling Poverty Requires More Than a Loan" - Gary Carrier and Harrison Pharamond, originally published in NextBillion (October 2017)


"How Loan Guarantees Are Unlocking Private Sector Capital for Clean Energy and Sustainable Agriculture" - Gary Ford and Benjamin Stone (March 2017)

Wharton Business Radio's Dollars and Change on Sirius XM Radio

Interview with Pierre Berard and Ben Stone about MCE’s innovative loan guarantee model, social impact, and partnership with USAID (January 2017)

Global Entrepreneurship Network

"USAID, MCE and Partners: Unlocking Private Sector Capital for Small and Growing Businesses Around the World" - Benjamin D. Stone and Pierre Berard (November 2016)

Calvert Foundation

"Leveraging Microfinance for Agricultural Lending" - Songbae Lee (November 2016)

Huffington Post

"New $50 Million Fund Means Better Access to Finance for Companies Operating Beyond the Grid" - Vrinda Manglik (October 2016)

Center for Financial Inclusion

OPIC on "Power of Partnerships: How Guaranteed Loans to Microfinance Institutions Benefit People in Emerging Markets" (September 2016)

The Impact Investing Podcast

"Benjamin Stone on How to Launch Your Career in Impact Investing and Social Enterprise" (April 2016)

Global Giving Matters

"MCE Social Capital: Pooling risk and resources to support impact investment" (December 2015)

Council on Foreign Relations

"Loan Guarantees and Financial Inclusion in the Developing World" - Gary Ford and Benjamin D. Stone (June 2015)

RSF Social Finance

"RSF Supports Microfinance with Loan to MCE Social Capital" (October 2015)

New Resource Bank

"Meet the Nonprofit Impact Investing Firm that Finances the World’s Rural Poor" (July 7, 2015)

Alliance Magazine

"Leveraging Capital for the Benefit of the Poorest" - Jonathan Lewis (2011)

CSR Wire

"The Whole -- Less Than the Sum of its Parts?" - Gary Ford (July 2012)

Private Wealth

"Rich Clients Lend Their Names to Poverty Fight" - Ellie Winninghoff (Aug. 2013)

Financial Times

"Financial Inclusion Insert" (2012)

Good Magazine

"Simple Guarantees Keep the System Working" - Alex Goldmark (2011)

The Huffington Post

"Empowering Women with Microfinance" - Jonathan Lewis (April 2011)


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