Become an Investor

Investors in MCE’s Global Economic Opportunity Notes earn a fixed financial return, generate positive social impact, and benefit from MCE’s 13-year track record of solid portfolio performance.

Notes Summary

Minimum Investment

  • $100,000

Financial Return

  • 3 years at 2.25%
  • 5 years at 2.75%
  • 7 years at 3.25%


  • Focus on women
  • Facilitates financial inclusion
  • Funds small businesses
  • Supports health and financial literacy training


  • Latin America
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Asia
  • Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

Loan Guarantees

  • 100% of MCE’s portfolio is backed by more than $130 million in loan guarantees

Generating Economic Opportunity

  • Over two billion people in the world lack access to formal financial services, including savings accounts, insurance, and loans.
  • MCE helps fill this gap by funding organizations that help people—particularly women—build assets and businesses, manage risks, smooth income, and gain the freedom to decide how to earn a living.

  • Innovative Loan Guarantee Model

  • 100% of MCE’s MFI portfolio is backed by more than $130 million in loan guarantees from more than 100 individuals and foundations (MCE’s “Guarantors”). Loan guarantees are made in units of one million dollars for the MFI portfolio and units of $500,000 for the SGB portfolio.
  • MCE pools these loan guarantees and uses them as collateral to borrow capital from U.S. and European financial institutions and accredited investors.
  • If an MFI or SGB defaults on a loan from MCE, MCE’s guarantors make tax- deductible contributions to MCE that, in the aggregate, equal the amount of the loan that was not paid back to MCE.
  • For every dollar that MCE lends to MFIs, MCE has at least two dollars in loan guarantees.

MCE’s Portfolio

    Since 2006, MCE has disbursed more than $190 million in loans to over 100 microfinance institutions and 20 small and growing businesses in more than 45 countries across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Our lending activity has helped millions of people — more than 70% of whom are women and live in rural areas.

    MCE makes loans to two types of institutions:

  • Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) that help people living in rural areas gain access to credit, savings accounts, insurance, healthcare and health education, business education, and technical assistance.
  • Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) in the agriculture value chain, water & sanitation, and renewable energy sectors, to create reliable jobs in rural economies, raise smallholder farmers’ income, and address basic needs in underserved areas.
“MCE’s Global Economic Opportunity Notes not only deliver verified social impact and a competitive financial return, but with millions of dollars in loan guarantees backing MCE, the Notes are also an ideal lower-risk investment for a diversified portfolio.” JOHN SWIFT, PRESIDENT, SWIFT FAMILY FOUNDATION

MCE’s Track Record

    MCE’s team of investment professionals employs industry-leading due diligence and monitoring practices to manage a diversified lending portfolio.

  • Every loan is approved by MCE’s Loan Committee, all of whom are guarantors.
  • The repayment rate of MCE’s borrowers since MCE’s launch in 2006 is more than 98%.
  • MCE has repaid every one of its loans in full and on time.
  • 100% of MCE’s MFI portfolio is backed by $135 million in loan guarantees as of June 2019.

Interested in Becoming an Investor?

If you want to learn more about becoming an investor, please contact:

Catherine Covington
Managing Director and Business Development Officer
San Francisco, California | (404) 372-8747

In Good Company

Purchasers of MCE’s Notes join a distinguished group of MCE lenders that includes socially minded accredited investors and leading financial institutions.