Moringa Connect

Moringa Connect is a moringa processing and marketing business that operates in Ghana and the United States, which sources moringa seeds and leaves from over 2,500 Ghanaian smallholder farmers, processes them locally into moringa oil and powder, then exports them or sells them in the Ghanaian market. Moringa Connect aims to utilize a vertically integrated supply chain to improve the lives of farming families in Ghana, purchasing raw materials from them while teaching about the benefits of moringa trees and the best agricultural practices to care for them.

Moringa Connect’s social impact is three-fold: 1) by expanding market access for smallholder farmers, 2) by creating formal local employment opportunities (the business currently employs 75 people, the majority of whom live in rural areas of Ghana), and 3) by contributing to positive environmental outcomes.

Learn more at Moringa Connect’s website here.

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