Naasakle International LLC

Naasakle International LLC (Naasakle) is a family-owned, vertically integrated shea processing and marketing business founded in 2000 that operates in Ghana and the United States, utilizing a direct “picker to consumer” model to connect Ghanaian women shea pickers with global consumer markets. Naasakle currently sources from more than
1,500 women pickers in the Damongo region of Northern Ghana, providing financial literacy training, technical assistance, savings programs, and local warehousing facilities for women pickers to store their shea nuts until market prices are higher.

Naasakle currently employs 45 people, 35 of whom are located in Damongo, where formal employment opportunities are scarce. The company’s employees also receive health insurance and retirement contributions. In addition, Naasakle’s operations benefit the environment by promoting the upkeep of the region’s shea trees, which often provide the only tree-cover across an area that is vulnerable to desertification.

Learn more about Naasakle in our blog post here.

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