One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund is a nonprofit social enterprise that supplies financing and technical training to help smallholder farmers grow their way out of hunger and build lasting pathways to prosperity. One Acre Fund provides a complete set of services to smallholder farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi. These services primarily include: 1) financing for seed and fertilizer through asset-based loans and flexible repayment systems, 2) distribution of farm inputs, 3) training on modern agricultural techniques to improve yields, and 4) market facilitation and crop storage solutions to maximize harvest profits.

One Acre Fund has experienced rapid growth since it began operations in 2006, and will soon be Africa’s largest network of smallholder farmers. By 2020, the company aims to serve at least five million people in one million farm families. In addition, One Acre Fund employs over 4,000 individuals, the vast majority of whom are based in East Africa.

Learn more at One Acre Fund’s website here.

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