Siatol is a soybean processing business in Burkina Faso that sources raw soybeans from its network of more than 3,000 farmers and processes them into two high-value products: soybean meal for poultry farmers and soybean oil for household consumption. As the only business in Burkina Faso to produce soybean oil locally, Siatol leverages the added value of soybeans toward the benefit of the smallholder farmers in its supply chain. The business provides a variety of services to its farmers, including distribution of seed and tools needed for harvesting, as well as technical training on the most effective agricultural practices for soybean farming.

Siatol’s impact is evident across a number of dimensions: 1) improved market access for Burkinabe smallholder farmers, guaranteeing fair payment, transportation, and warehousing for their products, 2) higher incomes thanks to improved harvest yields, and 3) improved food security and added-value for the Burkinabe economy.

Learn more about Siatol in our blog post here.

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